About Us

Founded in 2018, Axxella was born with the purpose to expand upon the already established assembly of service businesses Blue Ocean had assembled since its inception in 2004. These businesses have expanded from nurturing the specific needs of Blue Ocean to providing goods and services to many third-party partners. In addition, we have partnered or outright acquired businesses that have complimented the strengths of the legacy companies.

Strategy For Success

Focusing capital investments in commercial trade service businesses, Axxella has assembled a small, but rapidly expanding, portfolio of companies. We have focused on providing “white glove” stylized services to our customers, boundless opportunities and an intellectually stimulating culture for our employees, and healthy returns to its investors.

Growth - Individually we are competitive, together we are limitless Axxella invests in businesses that share similar supplier and customer pools that compliment the established portfolio. While each company, legacy or newly acquired, brings unique value propositions to its various individual stakeholders, they also have the strategic advantage to share with and share-in those of the total portfolio. These overlapping relationships lead to accelerated growth opportunities. Optimization – Through leverage and efficiency, we achieve economies-of-scale Axxella utilizes operational and capital assets across the portfolio to deliver streamlined and cost- efficient solutions to its member organizations. Shared resources promote best-of-class management practices while eliminating cost redundancies and operational inefficiencies. This approach results in greater gross and operational profit margins. Talent and Experience – We have the pedigree for success Axxella portfolio companies are home to experienced management teams that have established solid business models from which to scale revenue and profitability. In addition, Axxella has aligned with tenured partners specializing in such disciplines as marketing, legal, IT infrastructure, and finance to effectively manage and guide each company through its respective phase of growth.

Portfolio Companies

Connect With Us

Axxella seeks to become long-term partners with experienced and growth driven organizations. We welcome the opportunity to speak with current owners or managers of like-minded organizations about strategic alliances, partnerships, or acquisitions. To contact us via email or for questions and comments, feel free to fill out the form below.